Booth Construction

Our expertise – Three dimensions just for a short time!

Booth-construction itself can be a work of art; one which will help your company present itself to its fullest for two to four days. We will be more than pleased to be your partner for the short period of time needed to put your idea into digital form (two dimensional) and finally into reality (three dimensional) Together we will be able to develop and optimize the best possible presentation your company and product can have at any exhibition. You will be able to exhibit yourself in a professional and formidable way when applying our high-grade systems MODUL and Prolyte. It uses brushed aluminium and comes in many variants.

We work customised for you, whether you have your own preferred design or whether you would like us to present some design proposals suited to you. It is also possible to combine our MODUL with your own customized elements. We will work together to reach that short-term optimum.

Booth-construction is of temporary character… contrary to our partnership with you!

Made in Saxony-Anhalt